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ONC Produções


ONC Produções Culturais was created in 1999 to act as a management and booking agency to a number of Portuguese musicians, mainly from the Jazz area.

ONC is a company based in Portugal and our aim is to provide all cultural agents with a variety of musical options for your concert or event. Our intervention areas are as diversified as our Portuguese musicians. Our central action is to produce musical performances, and in our way of working through the years we have been gaining recognition and credibility, tested by numerous public and private institutions that keep trusting our services, and by the quality of our musicians.

ONC’s way of work is directed by three indeclinable principles: Honesty, Quality and Rigour. Honesty built by total respect of the conditions agreed and revealed beforehand, without any subterfuge and in the most clear possible way, accepting the principle that it’s best not to hire a service than to do it in a slanting and unclear way. Rigour assured by a group of professionals who does not sacrifice the result of their work in favour of an hurrying way of working, or making shows at any price, safeguarding this way, their technical and artistic reputation and guaranteeing the other party contentment. Quality, resulting from what has already been written, but also due to the position we take in the shows and music world, without submitting to the ephemeral and inconsequent fashion waves, always following our conviction that we can only work well if we truly believe in what we are doing.

More important than words is taking action, and since ONC was created, until today, many were the actions in which ONC totally engaged to. The group of professionals represented, the way ONC has been gaining assert in the music world, not only in Portugal, but internationally, absolves any words and speaks for itself.

Last, but not the least, the excellent relationship established, all over the years, with innumerous institutions, such as town halls, foundations or public institutions, festivals organizers, companies or private institutions, it’s our best and bigger incitement to maintain and insist on our clean methods and clear goals we draw from the beginning of our activity.