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Mário Laginha


Working as a musician for more than twenty years, Mário Laginha is usually connoted to the jazz world. But, if it’s true that in the beginning he followed a predominantly jazzy path – he was one of the founders of the Sexteto de Jazz de Lisboa (1984), he created the Mário Laginha Decateto (1987) and he leads his own trio, - the musical universe he has constructed with singer Maria João is a tribute to all the music he loves – beginning with jazz, but including Brazilian, Indian and African music, pop, rock and, of course, the classical basis that was present in his academic studies and that would influence his first solo project, inspired by Bach’s music (Songs and Fugues, 2006). [more]

“TERRA SECA” (“DRY LAND”) – Mário Laginha New Trio

Mário Laginha – piano
Miguel Amaral – portuguese guitar
Bernardo Moreira – double bass

“We arrived in a land of few, a dry land. Such is the awe of music: one idea, one primal abstraction, taking shape and evolving, growing, deepening its roots. The land is scorched but not barren. The thought that we might be populating it pleases me” - Mário Laginha

In this new trio, Mário Laginha is joined by the double bass of Bernardo Moreira and the Portuguese guitar of Miguel Amaral. The ensemble is fresh new but the real innovation here is the music itself, which has just been recorded in the album named “Terra Seca” (“Dry Land”).
The combination of piano, Portuguese guitar and double bass goes well beyond the prevailing shades cast by each one of them. It clearly breaks away from Fado, as the Portuguese guitar reaches far distant and richer universes.
Jazz could very well be a neighboring territory, its underlying freedom is visible, but Jazz appears to be an insufficient concept to define a kind of music that at times makes this ensemble sound like a small chamber orchestra drifting between the modern and the classic.
It is fair to say that imagination has released each of these instruments from their earthly duties and propelled them into a new musical universe. A new trio is born!


During the time I was picking through Chopin’s pieces the ones I wanted to include in this album, I came to recall that the profusion of melodies and the myriad of harmonics are a constant presence throughout his music.
On the Scherzo, Ballad, Fantasy and even on the Nocturnes, I’ve only used parts of these melodies (at times just the one). I took many liberties. I changed bars, tempo, a few harmonies – even melodies, - I made room for improvisation. I’ve never kept myself of changing whatever I felt necessary to bring Chopin closer to my own musical universe. It had to be done. Ironically, covers of classical music pieces with a jazz or pop feel really get on my nerves. I would never do it. I wanted to preserve the musical source recognizable, but I did my best not to be so deferent to keep me for changing anything at all. [more about "Mongrel"]

"Espaço" - Mario Laginha Trio

Commissioned by the Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2007, “Espaço” is more than a wonderful jazz piano trio record.

Architecture is the motive sustaining this geometric but organic music:
the idea of regular and irregular structures, continuous and discontinuous lines, plane or distorted surfaces, space and absence of space is transferred to the sound world, resulting in a unique opus about form and its contradictions.

[more about "Espaço"]

"Canções & Fugas" - the solo album

Mário Laginha's solo album, Canções & Fugas (songs and fugues), was released on April 3 2006.

"Canções e Fugas" was premiered in the grand auditorium at Culturgest.
Since then, Mário Laginha has been presenting it all over Portugal.