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João Paulo Esteves da Silva


João Paulo was born in Lisbon in 1961; he’s the son of a pianist mother and a philosopher father.

In 1979 he played at the Cascais Jazz Festival in a band called Quinto Crescente.

In 1984 he concluded his Piano course at the National Conservatory of Music and travels to France, where he stayed till 1992.

In 1993 João Paulo records his first album, “Serra sem Fim”, under the label Farol.

In 1996 he meets producer Todd Garfinkle, from M.A. Recordings, with whom he develops a long-lasting collaboration, until 2001, documented in six records. On this year, urged by Carlos Bica, he records his first solo piano album, “Roda”, for French label L’Empreinte Digitale.

In 2003, he begins his work with label Cleanfeed. His album “Scapegrace”, in duo with Dennis Gonzalez, was awarded the Authors Prize SPA, as “best album 2009”.

Throughout the years, he worked in partnership with a large number of musicians, in concerts and in studio, with special highlight to the work developed with Ricardo Rocha, Carlos Bica, Cláudio Puntin, Samuel Rohrer, Jean-Luc Fillon, Peter Epstein, Ricardo Dias, Dennis Gonzalez on the instrumental music area; and also to the work with singers as Vitorino, Sérgio Godinho, Filipa Pais, Ana Brandão, Maria Ana Bobone, Cristina Branco, among many others. Their latest albums are "Memórias de quem," "White Works", from songs of Carlos Bica, and "Bela Senão Sem" recorded with OJM big band.

He has been working increasingly on other areas as poetry – he has published two books; and in partnership with magazines (in paper and online); - theatre, as translator and a musician (Beckett, Ibsen, Strindberg, Brecht); - and giving a particular attention to the relation and dialogue between music and other arts. He co-worked with photographer José Luís Neto; and composed, the original score of Gonçalo Waddington’s motion picture “Nenhum Nome”.

João Paulo is a teacher at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, in the jazz area.