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Maria João & Mário Laginha


Tralha - O novo albumTralha is Maria João and Mário Laginha's latest album together.

In their own words:
"With Tralha, we're back to recording original themes. This is what we like doing the most - Compose, write, record, and then perform live.
Why this title? Obviously because we like it. But it is also true that it has taken over, in a way, the concept present in this album".
Read more about Tralha at www.mariajoao.org.


Maria João & Mário Laginha started working together 25 years ago, and since then they engage in a unique musical involvement, performing hundreds of concerts in Portugal and abroad. Together they already presented several records of excellent quality: “Danças”; “Fábula”. “Cor”; “Lobos, Raposas e Coiotes”; “Chorinho Feliz”; “Mumadji”; “Undercovers”, “Tralha”, “Chocolate” – a commemoration of the 25th years of their first work together and now their brand new “Iridescente”. [more]


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You can find more information about Maria João and Mário Laginha's discography at http://www.mariajoao.org